We strive to be Hawaii's best selection of Quality surfboard rentals
online. We understand the need for a
quality surfboard rental. We are
surfers and have experienced the hassle of traveling to a surf
destination with a surf Board-bag. Figuring out what is the airline fee,
driving to the airport with the surfboards, flight transfers, and the stress
of not knowing if the surfboard will survive the brutal conditions of being
handled by fright forwarders.

Wouldn't be more simple if you could arrive at the destination and have
a board, just like your own, delivered to you!  

We think so... Definitely!

It is actually
cheaper to rent from us then any other arrangement.
average Board-bag fee is $112.50 each way, that means that
you can
rent a surfboard and a GoPro from us for 1 week... or just
a surfboard for 2 weeks for the same price.

Most of the surf rentals shops have epoxy boards that are all dinged up
and are not suited for people that know how to surf. Supposedly, the
reason they only carry epoxy boards, is because they want the board to
stay in good shape and not repair it for as long as possible. When you
get the epoxy rental board and all of it is chipped off, and it ways 50lb
let us know what you think...

All of our boards are fiberglass and are hand shaped by professional
shapers, the surfboards are meant to be used by people who already
know how to surf!  Most of the top surfers in the world
surf the boards that we rent!

Another big advantage, you can take our boards and go anywhere on
the island, you don't have to surf the most crowded spots in Waikiki.
You can wake up with the sunrise and be the first at the beach...

We are located in Honolulu Hawaii on the island of Oahu. We do
free delivery to Waikiki.
The 10 most common reasons to rent form
Waikiki Surfboard Rentals:

When I travel to Hawaii, I only take my board-shorts.

The airline fees will bankrupt me, and I know they will ding my
board anyway...

I have a ding and it will take 3 weeks to get it fixed.

I traveled to Hawaii for my honey-moon and I promised my wife I
will not surf but the swell is pumping!

I wanted to show everyone that I surfed Hawaii, so I rented
a Surfboard with a GoPro.

I want to surf uncrowded waves in Hawaii and the other shops
only rent in Waikiki.

I want a normal surfboard that feels like my own.

I want to rent by the day, not by the hour.

My friend promised he had a surfboard for me, but he didn't tell
meit was yellow, weighs 25lb and sinks like a rock...

I can order my surfboard online and have it delivered to me.
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